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The Familiar of Zero F: Director’s and Original Author’s Comments

Here is my take at a translation of the comments on the Cast page of the official Web site of The Familiar of Zero the anime (Zero no Tsukaima F).

Spoiler: this probably needs an editor to make my awkward English readable. And a translator to correct my translation errors.

Director’s Comments

A long time has passed since the first season and you again became the director. Has your mental state changed?
When I did the first series, I was younger and had more power, so I did it in high spirits (laughs). The original work is very amusing, so I wanted to make the 10-something episodes of the first season at any rate amusing. By now I have myself accumulated more experience than I had before and I feel that I have calmed down instead, and as this is the last season, I want to let it end in a lovely way. As to the environment having changed, when the first season aired, there were fans of the original work but of course there were no fans of the anime. Now I want to make the production account for the presence of fans of the anime. I am only personally responsible for seasons 1 and 4, but I do want to make something that will delight anime fans who have followed the series and fans of the original work too. That is some strong pressure, but I want this to live up to all the Zero fans’ expectations.
In the fourth season, Yamaguchi-sensei does series composition. Can you describe a scene he suggested that you found amusing?
I have received very amusing ideas from him, but since the last season is involved, I am afraid I cannot tell you now (laughs). In any case, there are amusing ideas and story development incorporating them. We are cleverly converting the original story into anime, so please pay attention to that too.
Frankly, what are the highlights of this work?
The prettiness of of the female cast headed by Louise and the erotic scenes (laughs). And action too. Of course there are also story developments worth seeing, so I think depending on one’s point of view, there are all sorts of things to enjoy.
Finally, please give a message to all the fans.
This is Iwasaki, the director of the last season of The Familiar of Zero. Everyone, thank you very much for waiting! I am doing my best to make sure we can see a film that lives up to your expectations. This is shaping up to be a work that can naturally be enjoyed by existing fans and also by people who will be watching for the first time. This is a lasting work, so I will be happy if you like it and in addition go back and watch the first three seasons. Everyone, by all means please look forward to it.

Original Author’s Comments

At last the final season is starting!

As the original author, I am at a loss for words seeing that my work has been loved for so long. Oh dear, I am more blessed than I deserve. Thanks to all the staff and cast! And sincere thanks to all the readers and viewers who have followed me for this long time! Now, this time I am deeply involved too. Specifically, I wrote the series composition; in other words, I created the outline.

After that, there were various difficulties when my illness came to light, but I tried to participate in as many scenario meetings as possible to state my opinion. Unlike novels, anime has the notion of how things are shown, so I kept thinking: ‘I want to see such a scene’. However, even if the way things are shown is different, The Familiar of Zero is like a theme park stuffed with every amusing component. That concept will not change however many seasons are made! This time too, please follow this romantic comedy adventure that will make your heart dance from excitement like a roller coaster!

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