Oleg Oshmyan (Chortos-2) (astiob) wrote,
Oleg Oshmyan (Chortos-2)

Welcome to Academia

If you’re an undergraduate reading Computer Science at the University of Cambridge (and surely in many other places), you’re a good computer scientist, you have a cool idea that you want to implement and you know you can do it with some time and effort, don’t. Wait until your third year. You’ll need it for your obligatory personal project.

Upreckon would be a nice personal project. Unfortunately, I have already designed and implemented it, back in 2010.

I could make a terribly useful piece of software with neat design, source code and everything, but I’ll still score low if it’s not amenable to ‘evaluation’ or if it’s too modular for the examiners’ tastes.

Tags: written in english

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